Hales Douglass Financial Services is not owned by a large bank or financial institution.  Instead, we’ve set up our own financial services licence, which means we’re directly responsible to ASIC and to our clients only.

The advice we provide to our clients is purely in their best interest, as we don’t take volume rebates or gifts from financial institutions.

We really spend a lot of time to get to know our clients and have a good look at their values that underpin the financial decisions they need to make. By looking at these values, clients get the core reasons behind what they need to do and it helps drive those financial goals and makes them more real.

We’re able to tailor our services to what our clients require. That could mean a one-off piece of advice, or it could be project advice, like retirement planning, and some of our clients require the whole package – from beginning to end.

From a fee perspective, we’re happy to charge a rate that suits our clients. Some clients prefer an hourly rate, or project fees, and others a retainer – so we can look after their work year in, year out.

A final difference that we feel is very important, is ensuring our clients understand the value they receive. Each year we go through a summary of the value that we provide, the costs our clients have incurred, so it’s clear the work we have done for them and see how that’s improved their financial lives.

So if you’re looking for great financial advice, please email or call us on (02) 4455 5333, for more information.