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2018 Budget Snapshot

On Tuesday 8 May, the government handed down its Budget for the 2018–19 year, which is likely to be the final Budget before the next federal election. It’s therefore hardly surprising that the Coalition promised to deliver a suite of tax cuts for individuals at various income levels, as well as a range of incentives [...]

Avoid these 4 top SMSF mistakes

Ensure you avoid these 4 common breaches. (A breach occurs when a fund fails to comply with the Superannuation law). • Loans made to related parties • More than 5% in-house assets (related party investments, with some exceptions) • Assets not held in the correct name • Documents requested by auditors were not provided When [...]

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5 top tips for a low cost, no fuss SMSF audit

The key to a low cost and no fuss audit is communication and well-organised documentation. • If you are unsure of something discuss it with your auditor or SMSF accountant beforehand. • Make sure you aren’t missing anything. If you are, then track it down before it gets to the auditor. • Your auditor doesn’t [...]

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