Superannuation is one of the most efficient and tax effective investment strategies available to accumulate money to fund your retirement.

Your retirement savings grow because money is paid regularly, which your fund invests at low rates of tax.

Tax concessions and other government benefits currently make super one of the best ways to invest for the long term. Super can provide you with the independence and flexibility to enjoy the retirement you are working towards.

Super is generally a tax effective method for:

  • Accumulating money for retirement;

  • Providing an income stream in retirement through investment in an account-based pension;

  • Life insurance cover;

  • Total and permanent disability insurance;

  • Providing salary continuance (in some cases);

  • Other benefits, including Centrelink Age Pension benefits.

Do you know how your Super funds are invested?

Are you on the right track to achieve your retirement goals? We can assess your progress and help ensure you maximise opportunities leading up to retirement, and ensure you can sustain your preferred lifestyle in your retirement years.

Insurance through your Super

Life, and Total & Permanent Disability insurance is often best held within your superannuation.  Income Protection Insurance in some cases, is also better within your superannuation.

Follow this link to the Federal Government’s ASIC Moneysmart website where they outline the types of life insurance you can get through your super and the pros and cons of this type of insurance.

Self-manged Super funds

For information regarding self-managed super funds, our dedicated, in-house team, known as Your Super Solutions, offer:

SMSF administration
SMSF investment strategies & estate planning
SMSF independent audits

For more information, please email or call our qualified advisors Adam Passwell, Andrew Clegg,  Jeanette O’Connor or Cheyne Whitford on 02-44555333.