I would like to record my appreciation of how Your Super Solutions has conducted the audits of the SMSFs operated by my clients. The audits have been conducted professionally and promptly and the fees charged have always been competitive. I have no hesitation in recommending your auditing services to others.

Victor Sutherland

We greatly appreciate your effort and support, and in particular your attitude! The past few years have not been easy for many in business and it is that very attitude you have which makes it possible for businesses to see blue skies.

CWM Galleries, Sydney


Craig Cameron


Hales Douglass Financial Services help us by providing advice on all our finances, and implementing that advice. Most importantly, Adam Passwell gained our full confidence; he is always unhurried in our dealings with him, clear in his advice and on the current state of our finances, and attentive to our smallest needs. We believe him to fully understand what is best for us and he always delivers on his promises to act.

Apart from Adam himself, we gain confidence from knowing that he receives full payment from us for his advice, and is not influenced by any financial or other benefits from fund managers etc. in regard to where our funds are placed.

Adam Passwell reassured us that our finances are in good shape and will remain so as long as we are not reckless. That assurance has allowed us to enjoy our retirement without the worry of running out of funds during our lifetime.

Adam has also allowed us to understand the state of our finances through his use of excellent tables and diagrams.

Personal investor
Name withheld upon request


We receive excellent management of our self-managed super affairs and we appreciate the way you go about handling the fund. We know that you examine the tax implications of what we do very carefully, and we are thankful that we’re not constantly bombarded with (very often unnecessary) information relating to Super generally, but get all the information we need.

Avril Wilson
Retired Investor

…I can’t stress enough just how important it has been for us to be able to rely on having you guys “back home” to keep us organised while we’ve been away – thanks a million; you’ve been (and are) marvellous!…

Graham Harris
SMSF Investor

Since I changed to Hales Douglass I am more than happy with the way my super fund is managed. The tax advice from the accountants has been excellent and the financial planning from Adam, to ensure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, has been exceptional.

Jim Scully
Batehaven IGA Supermarket

Hales Douglass Advisors have a high degree of diligence and integrity, complimented by their continuous updating and knowledge of current legislation. We have complete trust and faith in their expertise in handling our SMSF.

Peter & Shirley Mulligan
SMSF investors

Tax & Accounting

Like a lot of people we possibly didn’t pay that much attention to this pretty important aspect of the ‘next part of out lives’ that we hear about until the last minute.  At that stage this left us with only a few choices to invest with.  Over time we soon realised what service we were getting from the other providers, and importantly…. what we probably were missing out on.

We chose to change to Hales Douglass to initially talk about some tax-help with our business and quickly realised that the service we were receiving was different. It was very hands on and focused about attention to detail and interest in us, which we felt was big help with a minimal amount of fuss.  It was pretty clear that the company was acting like a Team, with Andrew Hare and Andrew Clegg in our case, making some pretty valued decisions both in a business and personal sense.

We have no hesitation in recommending Hales Douglass to others who are looking to capitalise in their retirement as we find them a very focused and ethical professional Team who to date have met all our expectations.

Wayne & Penny Dedden, owner
Corporate Connexions International Pty Ltd

Hales Douglass consolidated our present & future planning for our business & retirement. They simplified our accounting, they always listen to & address concerns and queries we have, and in particular, made the effort to understand specific issues within the residential construction industry to ensure we comply. All who work at Hales Douglass are experts within their field. Phone calls are answered promptly and we are constantly kept up to date with relevant, current information. I am Treasurer of a volunteer management committee & I appreciate the services and assistance that the Hales Douglass team provides for this also.

Sue & Rob Bevear, owners
Accord Building & Design

Hales Douglass’ easy access and communication provide me with a flexible and responsive experience. During our long association, any issues that have occurred from time to time have been attended to professionally and speedily.

Dr Ian Tait

Hales Douglass has helped us immensely in all aspects of our business and financial life. In particular, company setup advice, business projects, set-up and management of our self-managed super fund via their in-house SMSF specialists, Your Super Solutions, and personal finances including advice and organization of our estate planning and wills.

We appreciate their honesty in all our business ventures.  They always handle problems with integrity, their communication is always excellent, & we always experience prompt return of phone calls and emails. Hales Douglass is always punctual with returns to the ATO, and their team friendly and helpful.

Dom & Liz Fondacaro
Harbour View Motel

We always receive great advice and direction from Hales Douglass, which saves us money. Hales Douglass helped supervise audits from Government departments, helped train our staff, provided investment strategies and organized their in-house SMSF specialists, Your Super Solutions, to set up and manage our self-managed super fund.

We were also advised on a succession program for Nick’s retirement. We were able to retire with confidence that our sons were given the necessary tools to run the business with ongoing help and professional advice.

The immense benefits of working with Hales Douglass include: less stress at time of audits, confidence that our records are in order, being able to retire financially secure

We have been extremely happy with Rob Douglass and his team. We have found them very professional, yet easy to deal with. We will not hesitate, and do, recommend them to others.

Nick & Pam Humphries
Previous owners of Advanced Modular Railings
Recently retired personal investors

Milton Medical Centre has employed the services of Hales Douglass accountants & financial advisors for the past 13 years during a time when our business has grown considerably. We have found the firm to be very professional with all issues, both business and personal, that arise in the course of running and growing a medium sized business. Well done to the team.

Barbara Thomson
Business Manager, Milton Medical Centre

Due to business growth, we needed a provider who could cover all of our needs. Hales Douglass offered a holistic approach to driving and supporting our business.  The Hales Douglass team always provide direct and professional contact to ensure our enquiries and needs are met in a prompt and personal manner.  The most important difference from our previous advisor is the extent of personal contact and professional delivery of great customer service.  Hales Douglass also provides a much higher level of expertise, advice and ongoing support. We are very happy with the level of service Hales Douglass provide and look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.

Ronald & Dimity Collier
Happy & secure family

We have been a client of Hales Douglass for 9 years. We switched because our previous accountant was just doing our tax and didn’t seem capable of helping us get ahead financially.

Over the years Hales Douglass has helped us in many ways:

  • They looked at our business structure and made sure we had everything set-up the right way.
  • They gave us strategies to minimise tax.
  • Andrew & Claudia were easy to deal with because they’re on top of the latest technology and software, and they’re always available by phone or email when you need them.
  • Their financial planner, Adam Passwell, helped us make sure we are on the right track financially, making sure we make the most of our super and investments, and arranged personal insurance to protect what we’ve got.

Sharon Vincent & Richard Tyler
Bay Business Services & Just Plumbing

When we began the process of selling our business, we didn’t really know what was going to happen or what to do next. The whole process was a bit frustrating but it was great to have the support of Andrew Hare, our Accountant, and Andrew Clegg, our Financial Planner. They made sure we got the best financial outcome and set-up a clear strategy for us going forward.

Rex & Glenda Wood
Garden Master, South Coast.