sustainability investing

How to meet your investment goals AND invest sustainably

The demand for sustainble investments is growing, with 9 out of 10 people wanting to invest responsibly. Meeting your investment goals while satisfying your social and environmental values can both be achieved.

Hales Douglass Financial Services, in collaboration with our global investment partner, Dimensional, can help you with Sustainable Investing advice. The methodology used emphasises environmental sustainability while targeting higher than expected returns. 

As reports:

“…. Whatever your view, the bottom line is that if you want to take ethical or sustainability criteria into account when investing, you need to find out exactly where your money’s going, so you can make an informed choice…”

Our investment philosophy

Our philosophy is to invest in companies acting in more environmentally sound ways than their industry counterparts, acknowledging the shared responsibility for environmental impact that exists among the supply and demand sides of the market. It takes into account, but is not limited to, assessing, greenhouse gas emissions, land use, biodiversity, toxic spills, waste & water management.

Our investment principles

  • Focused on securities with higher expected returns

  • Broadly diversified across companies and industries

  • Implemented through a transparent, process-driven approach focused on managing relevant trade-offs

Our approach to sustainability investing with ‘Robust Investment Design’

  • Targets key environmental and social sustainability considerations

  • Emphasises environmental sustainability at both the portfolio and industry level

  • Recognises the effect of actions and decisions made by companies in all industries

For more information on sustainability investing, please email or call Andrew Clegg on 02 – 4455 5333.