New income limits for Commonwealth Seniors Health Cards will be effective from November 4, 2022. Approximately 50,000 additional older Australians will be eligible for the card.

New income limits 4/11/22 – 19/9/23:

Single $90,000

Couple (combined) $144,000

Couple (illness separated) $180,000

For each additional child $639.60

Are you eligible?

Before you claim check that you’re eligible.

Note: Super Pension Income and other Investment Income use a “Deemed” Centrelink Income calculation, not just a straight income drawn or income actually earned calculation.

The good news here is that the “Deemed” Centrelink Income calculation is often a lot lower than what is actually drawn or earned, thus better for qualifying. Learn more about deeming.

How to claim?

Visit Services Australia’s website to claim the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.