We can analyse your needs and arrange quotes from different lenders, as we do the ‘running around’ for you. Right now all lenders are constantly changing their lending criteria as a result of the Royal Commission. We are advised of all changes prior lending criteria being made public knowledge.

We are happy to work with your current lender to assist to make sure you’re getting a competitive rate and a suitable loan structure for your business needs.

Craig Wise has worked in the banking industry since 1985 and has held senior roles with several institutions. In Craig’s previous role he specialised in commercial finance for client’s up to $40M in lending including housing loans for directors of these companies.

For any business purchase, commercial property, and refinancing of existing business loans. Business loans can also be used for day-to-day running expenses; equipment, inventory, insurance premiums, solar installation, unexpected expenses, renovations & hiring staff.

We will require financial information pertaining to your business. As everyone’s business is unique by nature and industry, we would be happy to provide a full list of requirements after an initial discussion.

Rather than paying for equipment up front, financing the equipment will allow your business to make monthly payments over a term that suits your business cash flow.

Repayments are flexible and can be made monthly, or if your business is seasonal by nature, repayment options are available to suit peak periods in your business. Balloon payments are also available at the end of your finance agreement.

Minimum amount financed is $20,000.  There is no maximum amount however this would be subject to financier conditions.

For more FAQs and to learn more about High Definition Finance, please view our dedicated website at www.hdfinance.com.au

We specialise in commercial loans, business loans, investment loans, home loans and equipment finance. Please email or call Craig Wise, on 0410-673 003 or 02-4455 5333 for more information.