No, we specifically do not want any relationships or associations with Financial Product issuers, as this may interfere with us providing the best advice to our clients. Hales Douglass Financial Services Pty Ltd is a privately owned company and has its’ own Financial Services Licence # 290618.
Adam Passwell and Andrew Clegg are able to offer you the following services:

  • Financial planning and investment advice
  • Life insurance advice
  • Superannuation and rollover advice
  • Self managed super fund investment strategies, estate planning and strategic planning advice (Adam Passwell is an accredited Self Managed Super Fund specialist advisor)
  • Estate planning advice
  • Ongoing monitoring of your portfolio
  • Investment funds management
  • Social Security benefits planning
  • Retirement planning advice

Hales Douglass Financial Services Pty Ltd licence allows its’ authorised representatives to advise on a broad range of investments and services offered by banks, life companies, fund managers, stockbrokers, building societies, credit unions and other financial institutions. Hales Douglass Financial Services Pty Ltd is authorised to advise and deal in deposit and payment products (basic and non-basic), government debentures, stocks or bonds, life products, managed investment schemes (incl. IDPS), retirement savings accounts, securities and superannuation.

Fee for Service

Hales Douglass Financial Services Pty Ltd will provide an invoice for services directly to you, or this fee may be paid via your investments.

Commission / Brokerage

Commission payments are received from Life Insurance product issuers only, whose products we recommend to you and thus paid to Hales Douglass Financial Services. These product issuers only include Life Insurance Companies that provide risk insurance products. Fees for Service are agreed to by you the client and your adviser and also paid to Hales Douglass Financial Services, are charged on Investments, Superannuation and Strategic Financial Advice. We provide you with a Statement of Advice containing details of our fees and / or commissions paid to us by you or the Financial Product Issuers.

Any fee charged for subsequent services provided to you is based on an agreed service cost, which is set by Hales Douglass Financial Services. A Hales Douglass Financial Services adviser will discuss the fees that will apply to your specific situation when you meet for your initial, obligation free consultation. Statement of Advice (SOA) – Charges are dependent on the complexity of your individual circumstances but usually they will range between $1,100 and $6,600 (including GST). Implementation – Before implementation of the agreed strategies, you will be quoted a fee based on complexity and assets. It usually varies between $1,100 and $16,500 (including GST). Ongoing Advice Fees – For the provision of ongoing strategic advice, ongoing asset management, financial planning advice and review of your portfolio, we charge a fee based on the total value of your individual portfolio and /or the frequency of contact and / or the complexity of your situation. It will typically be 1.1% per annum of assets managed for you (including GST). Or an agreed fee for strategic advice only.
Hales Douglass Financial Services typically does NOT receive commissions for investments, we prefer to charge you a fee for service. However, if we do receive an investment commission it will be in lieu of a fee for service and is typically between 0% and 4.4% (incl. GST) of the funds invested from the investment Fund Managers or other parties. This commission is not charged separately to you. The Fund Managers make the payment out of the entry/exit fees payable on your investment and pay it to us. Eg: An investment of $10,000 in a product whose manager pays 2.2% commission, Hales Douglass Financial Services will receive an initial commission payment of $220. Some companies also pay us an ongoing commission (i.e. trail commission). This is paid from the fund manager’s annual management fee (not an additional fee). Both the upfront commission and the ongoing commission are outlined in the product disclosure statement that will be attached to any recommendations we make to you. For the provision of ongoing advise and investment management of your situation. It will be typically fee for service of 1.1% per annum on assets managed for you (incl. GST). For example on a portfolio of $200,000 the fee would be $2,200” Commissions on life insurance risk products may range from 33% to 110% of the annual premiums. For example on an annual premium of $1500 with a commission rate of 33%, the commission that Hales Douglass Financial Services will receive is $495. It should be noted that the commission referred to above is payable to Hales Douglass Financial Services, while your adviser is remunerated by way of salary.


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