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1) Get your contract details right, including names and acquisition entity. If you don’t want everything split down the middle you must purchase as tenants in common which allows you to split property ownership in any proportion. If you should have it in a trust then don’t execute in your own name.

2) When you are preparing your financing you must ensure there is a clear and traceable connection between the acquisition of the property and your borrowing.

3) Maximise your building allowance and depreciation deductions by having these negotiated beforehand and form part of the contract. Once you have signed the contract, it’s too late.


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Case study 1: Marie and John* are existing clients who were in the process of selling their business. They were worried about how much tax might be payable from the sale proceeds, and unsure what to do next. They had decided to retain the business premises as well. Key issues to consider when selling a business…

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Case study 2: A medium sized firm that had grown from just a few people to 16 in the space of a few years was having difficulty with some of its people. Morale was low, there were lots of gossip groups and no-one seemed to feel very happy with their lot.

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Case study 3: We recently ran a business diagnostic program for a client and uncovered an all too common issue with small businesses – you must know your numbers! In this case the client was not sure why they were not making more money, but thought they just had to sell more. In fact our diagnosis and the actions we put in place proved they had to sell less…

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