Seniors energy rebate up to $700

The NSW Seniors Energy Rebate helps eligible self-funded retirees pay their electricity bills. The Seniors Energy Rebate is $200 per household, per financial year and customers can apply for the rebate each financial year. You will also receive a one-off $500 National Energy Bill Relief Household Payment in financial year 2023-24 if: you meet the eligibility criteria your [...]

Income limits increase for Seniors Health Card

New income limits for Commonwealth Seniors Health Cards will be effective from November 4, 2022. Approximately 50,000 additional older Australians will be eligible for the card. New income limits 4/11/22 - 19/9/23: Single $90,000 Couple (combined) $144,000 Couple (illness separated) $180,000 For each additional child $639.60 Are you eligible? Before you claim check that [...]

Avoid a fine – apply for your Director ID asap

Time is running out to apply for a Director Identification Number - Director ID (fines from $13,200 apply for late applications). You may have heard about the new rules which require directors of Australian companies to obtain a Director Identification Number (director ID). It is a unique 15-digit identifier that directors apply for once [...]

More seeking financial advice

Our previous blog outlined how low and middle-income Australians have a growing need for quality financial advice. However, current compliance obligations are complex, bureaucratic and unprecedented cost-drivers for financial advisers and consumers. And higher-income Australians that can afford Financial Advice are forced to pay increasingly more due to over-regulation. Our guest author, Alex Burke, outlines [...]

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What smart investors do in a volatile share market

In times of share market volatility, it's normal to feel concerned about the drop in values and the effects on your investments and retirement savings. It's also important to understand the 24-hour news cycle reports the majority of "bad news" only and you very rarely see the "good news", especially for financial markets. Prior to [...]

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