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Adam has a strong educational background with a double major degree in Economics and Business Law from Macquarie University. Adam is a Financial Adviser and SMSF Specialist Adviser and uses his in-depth technical knowledge to help achieve great results for clients in a vast array of strategies that many would never have known existed if they hadn’t sought quality advice. Contact Adam via email or call 02 4455 5333.

Your SMSF trust deed & the new Super rules

Your superannuation trust deed, along with the superannuation laws, form the governing rules that self managed super funds (SMSFs) need to operate by. The introduction of the $1.6 million transfer balance cap (TBC) and new transition to retirement income stream (TRIS) rules are a game changer for SMSFs when discussing benefit payments and estate planning. [...]

Superannuation year-end checklist

Given the impending July 2017 superannuation changes, being on top of your end of financial year planning is as important as it has ever been. This year it is essential that you consider maximising the existing contribution limits for superannuation before they decrease on 1 July 2017. While maximising contributions should be front of mind [...]

Reminder – Super changes apply 1st July 2017

July 1 is fast approaching. Are you ready for the new super changes? Overview of changes... Reduction of concessional (pre-tax) contributions cap to $25,000 per annum Lowering the non-concessional (post-tax) contributions cap to $100,000 per annum Low income super tax offset Spouse tax offset Personal super contributions deduction Introducing a transfer balance cap of $1.6M [...]

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New Super changes – plan now for the best outcome

The most significant changes to superannuation for the last ten years are now law and will commence on the 1st July 2017. The new Super changes will affect how much you can contribute to super, and limit the tax concessions available when you are receiving a pension from your fund. The new changes may also [...]

How can individual investors beat the market?

Trying to beat the share market by employing investment managers can be a costly exercise. Given the skill, experience and technology that professional money managers have on their side, you could be mistaken in thinking this would be a wise investment. However in most cases, investment managers are unable to achieve their desired result of [...]

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